Informative Guide About the Components of Classic Car Audio System

Classic car restoration is usually conducted in steps. After overhauling drivetrain and making the exterior look perfect, it is time to get passionate about interior comfort level. The sound that emanates from the audio system of your car is also a crucial comfort feature.

In a couple of decades, car audio systems have developed a lot with consistently enhancing technology. Even if components have gone smaller, they have become more powerful. So, today you can buy totally unobtrusive compact audio system for your classic car.

Google for car stereo shops near me to check out the variety of advanced classic car sound systems. Below is some information that will be helpful in buying an appropriate radio & audio system for your car.

Pick a radio

If your classic car is more than 50 years old or it is a new model 30 years old then it may have changed hands multiple times.

  • If your dashboard has a cut to hold radio then check if it has holes or not. Accordingly, you will get plethora of options to choose from.
  • If there are no cuts on the dashboard than opt for hidden radios with minimal equipment. Music can be streamed from your Smartphone directly in the amplifier.

Dash speakers

You can get wide option ranging from mono to stereo speakers. Several classic cars are equipped with mono radio and single dash speaker. This problem has got resolved with dual voice coil and dual dash mount speakers.

The difference in both is that dual voice coil has single speaker with double tweeters and two connection sets – one for right and one for left channel. Alternatively, the dual mount speakers have two speakers fixed on a plate, which also offer best acoustic.

Under seat speakers

Vehicles without rear package tray can benefit from under seat speakers. Here your will need to consider the tweeter and woofer material size. If you are planning to use amplifier than go on the larger size.


Amplifiers escalate the power amount transferred to the speakers. The more power means better sound. Remember, all amps with same wattage will not sound the same. Here you will need to understand RMS power and Peak power.

Peak power rating by the radio is based on peak power output, while that of amplifiers are on the basis of RMS power output. You will get to choose between various amplifier types including mono, 2-channel, 4-channel and 5+ channel. Sounds are clear, clean without any distortion with an amplifier. It will not hurt your ears but make your drive more pleasant.


Sub-woofers are large speakers that respond to low-end sub bass. In many circumstances, they need to be attached to amplifiers for power. It is worth just like amplifiers as the sound will be much natural and better. It does not mean waking neighbors or shaking the earth but offers home theater sound quality.

Sound deadening

It is a form of sound insulation that helps to enhance the stereo systems sound quality as well as adds barrier and mass to metal surfaces in the car. It keeps engine, wind, road, and other noises outside. Sound deadening also keeps cold and heat outside the car. In classic cars heat is a problem but sound deadening acts as thermal insulator.

Hope this guide regarding classic car stereo system components has been helpful!

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