Things to Know for Writing Driving Theory Test

The driving test is a keenly designed procedure to check a person’s ability to drive a motor vehicle. People are given driving license only on the basis of these tests.

The test has two parts – theory and a practical.

What is the driving theory test?

Literally, a theory test is the test to try-out your understanding of a supposition or a system of ideas that are intended to explain certain facts. Similarly, a driving theory test contains a list of hazard perceptions, highway rules, signs, and their meanings and other situations that need your specific response.

Why driving theory test?

It is an important test that you need to pass on your way to become a fully qualified driver. Theory test prepares you for the practical test as well as hitting the road solo by applying your knowledge and conscience. You can easily book for your theory test now, on It’s quicker and hassle-free.

What is asked in the test?

A driving theory test has two parts respectively-

  • Multiple choice – It consists of a mixture of 50 case studies and real-life situations which should be answered in 57minutes. To pass this section you would need to score 43/50.
  • Hazard perception – This section of the test is more interactive. It has a total of 14 video clips, each 1 minute long. Each clip features 1 or 2 hazards that you have to spot by clicking the mouse. Each developing hazard carries 5 points, so you can get more points if you identify the hazard early but clicking in the same fashion, does not provide you any point.
  • Remember that in this test you will get only one chance to select your answers because you do not get a second chance on the road.

How to prepare for the test?

You need not by-heart an encyclopaedia to pass the theory test. However, you should have knowledge about the following-

  • Highway codes – In this part you should have an idea of legal obligation, do’s and don’t of the road.
  • Traffic signs – these are of three different kinds –
    1. Signs to give orders
    2. Signs to warn
    3. Signs to give information

The DVSA produces books that provide you everything you need to know about maintaining your car or motorbike and safe riding or driving skills for life. You can get these books at the high street book stores or order them online.

What do you need to take with you for the test?

You should arrive at the test centre with your photo-card provisional driving license at-least 30 minutes before your test start.

Essential tips for the test!

Here are some tips for you that can come handy during your driving theory test.

  1. Read the questions twice – Since you are getting 74 seconds (1.14 minute) for answering every question, use it to avoid mistakes.
  2. Flag the answers for later if you are not sure about them.
  3. Only answer the questions you are sure about you will not get a second chance.
  4. Since the theory test certificate lasts for only 2 years you should apply for the practical as soon as possible.
  5. Watch the video keenly.

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