Why should I Rent Audio Visual Equipment instead of buying them

Whether to rent an audio-visual equipment or to buy it, is a big debate. However, it is not a smart choice to buy the equipment, as the equipment when not used every day is actually a bad investment for that period. Electronics and especially audio-visual industry move fast, you have to buy new gear every couple of years to make sure you have the best performance. Apart from ageing, here are some other major advantages of renting audio visual equipment.

Cost Saving

The biggest advantage is upfront cost saving. You don’t have to shell out a lot of money on Audio visual equipment and this money can be used to better organize and promote your event. With great competition in the rental industry in cities like Atlanta, GA you might get the equipment at a very affordable rate.

Better Installation

Installation is always a big issue for Audio visual equipment, it needs expertise. There are several considerations like Audio balancing, display visibility etc. Only a professional can-do research on your event venue and pick the best spot for installation ensuring optimum performance and safety of your gear.


Buying the equipment is easy, but once you buy it you are stuck with it, you have to move and transport it to and from your event venues, if the equipment is large you might need truck or pickup vans for the same incurring future costs. These costs often don’t cross our minds when we calculate the cost difference when buying and renting an equipment.


The Audio-visual companies have engineers and experts who know if the device is performing well or not. Once they detect an anomaly, they take the equipment to the authorized service centers. We too can take the equipment to service center but we don’t have expertise or expose to a large number of equipment to detect small anomalies in the performance.

Time Saving

When you have an event to plan and execute, time is the scarcest resource. You don’t have time to even look after your own looks. In such a pressure situation, it is best to rent the equipment and let the professionals invest their time in Audio Visual troubles.

Storage Space

Once the event is over, you have the equipment to store for a foreseeably long duration. Even if you have an attic or Garage to store the equipment, cleaning it and cleaning the area where such heavy but sensitive equipment is kept is a major challenge. This equipment has wires and cables which are not safe around pets and rodents.

Expert Support

When the going gets tough, only an expert can bail you out. Now, imagine you have bought equipment and it gives you trouble after several months of use, where will you find an expert to help you out? That too in a short duration when your event is about to start!

Renting the equipment is the smart and only choice for smart people. You need more than equipment, you need professional support, regular maintenance, latest upgrades which becomes very costly when you buy your own equipment.

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