Do You Want to Change Your Aquarium Filter Without Losing Bacteria?

If you have aquarium then you must be knowing how important is the presence of bacteria in the fish tank. It can break down all toxic ammonia present into nitrites, and after that into nitrates that are lesser toxic.

Plenty of such beneficial bacteria must be present in the fish tank and on the filter, hence when you change the filter with new Fluval filter, you must ensure that you retain maximum number of bacteria.

First you must consider whether your filter really needs replacement or not. Filter will need replacement only when it literally is not working, and your media will need replacement only when it is totally falling apart.

In case you need more powerful filter, then you are better off by keeping the current filter and also adding secondary filter which is smaller.

Why is it essential to prevent loss of Bacteria?

Waste from the fish and food that is uneaten releases ammonia into water. All these ammonias are usually lethal for your fish. All Beneficial bacteria will break down ammonia into nitrites, after that nitrites into nitrates that are less toxic.

When you change the water change then many nitrates get removed, by keeping the water totally safe for the fish.

The aquarium filter will provide a great environment to allow bacteria to grow. Therefore, when you have to swap your filter, you will prefer to keep as much bacteria within the tank as possible.

Will you really need to swap the filter?

Though many filter manufacturers may recommend you to change the media regularly every month but other than chemical filters, it is not needed. As long as your media is not falling apart, you need not replace.

Rather you may thoroughly rinse once in a month in your tank water.

Second reason for changing to new filter is, in case current filter is very small for the tank. In such case, keep your present filter and run another small filter side by side. You will not lose the bacteria in this way.

Also, if one filter stops working, then you will have backup. Secondly, you may use your old filters which is already colonized with bacteria for getting new tank started quickly.

Three ways of changing filter by without losing bacteria

Following are three different options you have for changing the filter.

  1. In your first option, you have to leave your old used filter in place alongside your new filter just for a month. Due to this you will get time for your new filter to get colonized with bacteria.
  2. The next option is just put the media of your old used filter in new filter. Old media is where lot of bacteria already resides. Obviously, if filter media remains the same shape and size for both filters.
  3. In case your old filter breaks down and the media of your old filter may not fit in your new filter, then the third option will be placing the media of old filter in tank to your new filter.

It will help new filter to get colonized with bacteria. You may remove your old filter media after a month.

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