How to Choose the Best Engagement Photos for Your Save-the-Dates and Wedding Invites

After spending a lot of time deciding what you should wear during your engagement shoot, it is highly likely that you looked gorgeous, happy, and completely in love. Now, other than framing some of those beautiful pictures for your living room, you can also include them in your save-the-dates and wedding invites.

When designing your custom save the dates and wedding invitations online, most design templates let you personalize the features with your own photos. However, choosing the most appropriate engagement picture for your paper suite is crucial – choose the wrong picture and your wedding save the dates or invitation could appear more sham than glamorous.

To help you make a better choice, here are some few tips for how to select the best engagement photos for your wedding paper suite.

  1. Be Simple

The pictures that work the best on save-the-dates or invitations are usually the simplest – those ones that just show the two of you, looking gorgeous and in love. Your photo needs to be uncluttered and simple; it may not be appropriate to show off your photographer’s avant-garde skills, as cool as they may be. Ensure the core elements of the picture are in focus, and that the overall mood of the photo matches your wedding scheme.

  1. Harmonize the Colors

You want a photograph that compliments your wedding’s color scheme. Don’t use to many busy patterns and saturated colors within your picture if your save-the-dates or wedding invitations have too much going on in terms of hues, shapes and design motifs. If you want your engagement photograph to stand out, pick a plain card design and allow your picture to catch the eye of the reader with bright colors. Also focus on the perimeter of the picture, where it will stay side-by-side with your save-the-date or wedding invite, to ensure it blends perfectly.

  1. Consider a Black and White Photo

If your save-the-date or wedding invitation has neutral or monochromatic hues, consider using a black and white engagement photo. The photo will not only blend seamlessly with the card’s design, but black and white pictures also offer some elegance and grace to the subject matter. Particularly for the more formal weddings, B&W photography allows for a timeless and classic affair. Moreover, B&W photos also hide uneven skin tones, and other skin issues.

  1. Come in Close

Ensure both of your faces are framed well within the photo you choose. Unless there is some legit reason why you should be off-center e.g. to capture the complete expanse of a landscape, your photograph needs to be clear that you are the main characters. If your guests know you and like you, they will want to see your faces and how in love you are. When your faces are off-center, your guests will have to squint to see you.

  1. Have Some Fun

Given that your wedding photographer has taken some wonderful engagement pictures of the two of you having some fun and generally looking like a very joyous couple, you can consider displaying your joy on your save-the-dates or wedding invitations. Particularly, if your wedding paper suits are focused on being more whimsical than too serious, have some fun and share some beautiful, unconventional shots.

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