What Are Common Mistakes You Must Avoid When Buying A Balance Scooter?

A balance scooter, also known as hoverboards offer safety and affordability over other public means of transportation. If you are keen in buying a balance scooter, you need to ensure that you get the best quality product to suit your budget. Here, in this article, we are going to tell you the common mistakes that you must avoid.

Overspending or Underspending

This is one of the commonest forms of mistakes made in buying decision. People are seen to get interested in buying the most inexpensive model available in the market. However, they need to know that cheap models often use inferior quality parts and / or do not provide the much-needed service. So, don’t make selection solely on the basis of the price. Price is one of the factors to consider, but you need to also consider other important factors mentioned below.

Not paying attention to the warranty

Warranty is an important factor that saves you money on maintenance works. Due to this reason, many people take extended warranty on their product. Not paying attention to the warranty on pricey item like hoverboard can become an extremely regrettable mistake.

So, experts advise people to secure expensive purchases with a warranty. This is very essential if your children will even be using the balance scooter.

Ignoring Battery Life

Each hoverboard is equipped with battery life and charging time. Though some boards need only 2 hours to charge, others take just twenty minutes to charge. What it is needed is that the buyer reviews these specifications at the time of selecting the right scooter to suit your lifestyle.

Neglecting Safety Ratings

2015 was the year known for several accidents caused due to riding hoverboards. Due to which these balance scooters have gained a bad reputation in the market. The reason that led that happen was due to exploding batteries and carelessness on the front of owner for not checking the safety ratings of the machine.

Thus, in order to prevent such risks to happen, it makes it very important to ensure that the machine follows safety compliance, has performed full inquiries and put guidelines in place to guarantee consumer safety.

Though most of the balance scooters are manufactured to meet safety regulations, there are a few forgeries present on the market. Eipkgo is one of the leading manufacturers of “UL 2272 compliant hoverboards.

Not reading reviews and testimonials of users

It has been seen that not all claims that companies make for their product turns out to be true. Prospective buyers can get the real picture only after reading the consumer reviews. Reading review will tell you about the good and not so good features of a machine.

These are the reviews by the people who have themselves used the machine. So, learning about their reviews proves to be helpful. There are several review websites that provides genuine reviews from customers to help you form the right buying decision.


So, these are some of the common mistakes that you need to avoid when buying a hoverboard. This will get you a safer, peaceful and hassle-free riding experience.

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