Four Reasons Why It’s Better to Learn a Language Abroad

Most high school learning happens within the four walls of a classroom. For years, you’ve been moving from one room to another and absorbinginformation from your teachers. Before you do the same thing in college, why not take a gap year?

A gap year gives students some time away from academic life, where they can explore a new interest and gain some life experience.There are many gap year options for teenssuch as volunteering, working, or doing an internship. They can even choose to travel and take a gap year abroad.

Going out of the country doesn’t just expose you to a new culture but a new language as well. Being able to converse in another language means you can interact with more people, and it looks pretty impressive on your resume as a bonus. Here are reasons why you should learn a new language abroad.

Learn with the Locals’ Help

You can learn a new language at home through a book or an app. However,it’s better to have a native or fluent speaker to help you out in person. Not only will you gain insight into your grammar, but you’ll also learn proper pronunciation. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to ask for help.They’ll appreciate the interest you’re taking to learn their language.

Language Pick Up Is Faster

It’s easier to learn a language in a place where it’s used all the time. You get to read the words on signs and hear people speak the language. You’re going to be constantly exposed to the language, which will help your brain pick up patterns quicker.


Spouting textbook sample phrases might sound awkward to the natives. After all, textbooks rarely include slang or give examples of normal day-to-day conversations. When you’re surrounded by native speakers, you get to speak their language the way they do.

New Perspective

Going out and asking the locals for help is bound to gain you a friend or two. Apart from getting language lessons from the locals, you can exchange cultural stories, too. Talking to new people and gaining insight from them helps you look at life differently. It can provide you with a better understanding of the people and their culture.

In a world that’s getting smaller with the help of technology, it pays to know more than one language. Communicating is a beautiful way to connect with other people and cultures. For more ideas on how to spend your gap year abroad, read up on various programs and suggestions online.

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