Guide on How to Dress in The Most Sensational 80s Look

The 1980’s fashion trend is known for its incredible style and impressiveness. Impressive influence of 80’s fashion style has taken aback both men and women. This old fashion style has again hit the current fashion industry and has led to more and more people allured to get that look. To know more about the stunning 80’s fashion, check out this article.

Beginning of 80’s fashion

The 80s fashion trends came into picture in ending months of 1970s and went till early 1990s.The fashion trends in 80’s clothes were greatly inspired by the rocking MTV Music generation during the 1980s.

Not just women, but men were also seen in very huge earrings, and large tops. Looking at these trends, it arouses a feeling to dress in this style to experience how it looks like to be in the 1980’s.

The success of well-known and acclaimed artists and musicians of that generation had a remarkable influence on the 80’s fashion. From that time the 80’s fashion has gone via varying transformations and revolutions but has not lost its charm and uniqueness.

80s fashion clothes trends

A huge emphasis was given to expensive clothes. 80’s clothes in that era were designed to be large, loud and bright to catch anyone’s attention. Wearing the biggest set of shoulder pads was to make your own style statement, to properly fit on the big oversized shirt, or worn on your stirrup pants.

80’s fashion hair trends:

The 80s fashion is categorized by “edgy trends”. This includes long hair hairstyles for men as well as women, curly locks, dyed hairs and spiked hairstyles for both genders.  The primary idea behind these hair trends in this fashion is to make hair look as unique and stunning as it can be.

80’s fashion earrings trends

Large earrings were perceived as an indication of high status and affluence. It is a sign that a person wants to be stand out from others among the crowd. As the earrings worn by people in that era were so large nearly reaching to the shoulders, it got the nickname as ‘Door knocker’.

80’s fashion fingerless gloves trends

Fingerless gloves got highly famous due to a lot of punk and pop stars of that time were seen performing with these accessories in their fashion shoots.

80’s fashion parachute pant trends

Parachute pants in 1980’s fashion were designed to be really big. They were baggy pants and that has what made them appropriate to move or dance easily on the floor. These big pants were easily available in variety of different colors. Presence of pockets and fake zippers added special touch to the outfit.

80’s fashion members only jacket trends

“Members Only” jackets got immensely popular among men.  As the jacket looked pricey, it gave the status and a classy touch to the wearer.


1980s has been a marvelous decade that still impacts the way we dress years later. The current fashion is significantly varied, a larger section of its roots is in the 80’s fashion.

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