Must-Have Features In Spa Software

The health and beauty industry is seeing a revolution in its operations with the advent of technology-based systems and apps. If you own a beauty salon or spa, it’s time to move with the times and invest in a software system that will help you manage and grow your business with ease. Spa software has a major impact on your bottom line, and has significant capabilities that can improve customer experience, bringing them back for more. It’s easy to be confounded when choosing a spa management software with so many options available, the most important things to look for are key features that are essential for your business. This article gives a brief on the most important features to look for when investing in best spa software, which will boost your business, and increase your profitability.

Appointment Scheduling and Management
The foremost feature that you expect from your spa software is the ability to be able to manage appointments in your schedule easily. Most spa software systems make it simple to add, edit and delete appointments. . The system allows you to quickly reschedule, recur, and re-size group appointments, saving you your precious time. Some spa management applications integrate with your email or phone and IVR, making it easy for you to collate appointment bookings through all these sources. If you’re looking to facilitate online customer bookings, opt for an application that integrates with your website, enabling your customers to login and book their own appointments directly.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Most spa software comes equipped with customer management tools that boost client relationships, which is critical for sustained business growth. The application can send out quick surveys to clients, immediately post their appointments, helping you get timely feedback. You can incorporate this feedback to improve customer experience at your spa. CRM features in spa software also include loyalty programs, which allows customers to get free or discounted services against the points they accumulate every time they visit your salon, – a great way to have them coming back for more.

E-mail and Social Media Marketing
Spa software offers ready-to-use e-mail marketing templates, and also sends out regular newsletters and promotional offers to customers who sign up. This software application provides plug-ins to integrate with your social media accounts, allowing you effectively utilize social media marketing.
Choosing the best spa management software has tremendous benefits for your business, and is a must-have for any salon or spa venture.

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