List of Insane and Crazy Japanese Candies and Treats

Somethings are regarded as insane or strange in our culture but in Japan it is normal and vice versa. There are many things about Japanese culture that worldwide people adore like the ramen noodles and sushi. On the other hand, Japanese population love Burger King and Pizza Hut.

In terms of Novelty candies, Japanese manufacturers have surpassed the western styled candy cigarettes. People really pay cash to suck the liquid treat from frothing toilet bowl. There are many insane Japanese sweet treats that can be experienced through subscription boxes like Bokksu snacks.

Morinaga Hi-Chew Durian candy

The texture is similar to bubblegum or taffy but does not lose its Durian flavor. The characteristic of Morinaga chewy candy –

  • Hedgehog shaped fruit
  • Chum like consistency similar to rotten bananas
  • Smells like sweaty socks
  • Durian is stinky fruit in the world and due to its putrid odor is banned in many 5-star hotels.

This type of flavor sounds more like punishment and less like selling point………isn’t it?

Candied squids

Japan is an island, so major cuisine includes seafood. Squid is not an issue but a guy became creative to prepare and sell candy squid as dessert at convenience stores and street stalls. Just the thought of biting and stating makes everyone squirmy. Candided squids are not sweet but available in different appetizing flavors like Cod Roe and Kimchi.

Japanese Pepsi

Everyone adores soda but in Japan Pepsi soda has broader term. In the past decade Pepsi has released variety of limited soda flavors like cucumber, strawberry milk, beans and yogurt. Latest edition is Salty Watermelon that invites customers to unleash summer’s refreshing taste.

Gokujyo brown sugar karinto

Fried wafers are slathered with caramelized brown sugar. However, everyone totally adores to eat the brown sugar karinto. It is the appearance that is an issue. No one would like to look at an eatable resembling poop. Past its appearance, Karinto are really delicious!

Roasted baby crabs

The fishing industry sells the young crabs individually. These baby crabs are baked whole [shells are soft], freeze dried, dipped in sake and crystalized in sweet sesame glaze. They are high in proteins and have sweet briny taste with crunchy texture. It tastes great with sake and beer.

Sasebo Burger Drops

Sore throat can be smoothened with hamburgers cooling taste. Seriously, the taste of Sasebo burger drops is horrible. It tastes like frozen burger fat or scorched cheese. However, you can stick to honey drops and mint flavors this winter.

Tomato chocolate

Sound bizarre! Chunked tomatoes coated in white chocolate tastes chalky and bit gross. These horror candies are seasonal treat and are available near Valentine Day.

Giant eel pretzels

Pocky features stick snacks with sweet sandy coating, whereas Pretz is uncoated. One of these uncoated flavors is eel, the sea creature. This giant pretz is made from roasted eel extract.

Toilet candy

Momo toilet candy is the brainchild of Heart Candy Company. To enjoy the snack, first assemble the toilet parts. Add a couple of flavoring packets inside the flush tank and pour water. Wait for ten minutes, you will see froth in the bowl rising upwards just like sewage accident. Whip the straw and enjoy the bubbly! It is not appreciated but kids enjoy collecting the four colored toilets.

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