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Five Key Grilling Tips for Beginners

Preparing food on a grill is not the easiest task for everyone, but thankfully wood burning gas grills have made the process a lot less challenging. One of the most appealing aspects of wood burning gas grills is that don’t need to be an experienced griller to make a delicious, tasty meal for your family and friends. And when it comes to flavor, wood is the only authentic fuel that can truly enhance the flavor of food. But if you’re just getting into grilling, consider the following tips to help you start out.

Line Up Your Food

Lining up the food you place on your grill in an orderly row will help you keep track of what foods you put on first, which will make it easier for you to ensure they are turned and taken off when necessary.

Always Season Before Grilling

Seasoning your meat with salt and black pepper is a great way to add a dash of flavor to your main course, but you should always make a point to season the meat prior to cooking. If you’re planning to grill steaks, seasoning before grilling will allow the meat to develop a delicious coating while they cook.

Keep Your Grate Clean

Making sure your grill’s grate stays clean is an important part of preventing food from sticking to it and building up on its surface. So before each time you grill, be sure to scour the grate with a wire brush and wash it dry with a paper towel. You should also scrub it after each use.

Grill Vegetables Properly

The dry heat of the grill brings out the natural sweetness of veggies, but knowing how to prepare different types accordingly is the only sure-fire method of bringing out their unique flavors. You should grill watery vegetables such as mushrooms, onions, and peppers directly over the heat for the best results, whereas starchy veggies like eggplant or sweet potatoes should be grilled farther away from the heat or with indirect heat.

Use Tongs

Rather than a large fork or knife, opt to use a pair of tongs to place, turn, or move different food around on wood burning gas grills. Using forks and knives can punch holes in the meat, which can drain your food of its juiciness. If you need to check if something is ready, be careful to only make a small cut when using a knife.

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