Get Familiar with Major Streets Named After Popular Memphis Citizens

When you drive or bike around Memphis, you will see major streets named after popular citizens of the past as well as present, who played a huge role in offering the place a unique identity. Bill Morris Parkway, Paul Barret, Danny Thomas, GE Peterson, Austin Peay and Sam Cooper have you wondered who they were? Why the locals named streets after them?

Let’s learn more about Memphis streets, so that when you drive or walk on them you feel more connected with the surrounding. It is an awesome experience!

Elvis Presley Boulevard

Certainly, Memphis is proud of its own ‘Rock ‘n’ roll’ king. The street that runs in front of Graceland Mansion, the home of Elvis is named after him. It is most popular tourist attraction site.

Paul Barret Parkway

For four decades, Paul Weisiger Barret never lost election. He was an outstanding Shelby County politician, who graduated from Memphis University School. He participated in World War I and came back home to start Barretville Bank & Trust Co. He was just 21 years of age to run a successful and largest rural bank in the state. He even was the founder of Barret Company and was a friend of Edward.H. “Boss” Crump, a dominant American politician in Memphis. Paul Barret Parkway stretches between the eastern and northern parts of the city.

Sam Cooper Boulevard

Sam Cooper was a poor tailor’s son, who grew in Pinch District. His interest in business made him turn from an office assistant to Presidency of the Humko Corporation, cotton seed refinery. He served for 24 years and became a leading civic leader. He funded the St. Jude’s Children Research hospital as well as the Tennessee Healthy Science Center. The street that connects the east and west of Memphis was dedicated to Cooper in the 1986.

E.H. Crump Boulevard

Boss Crump was revered or feared for decades in Memphis. He served as Mayor of Memphis for two consecutive terms. Crump had done a lot for the Memphis people and its surrounding. The major Memphis highway was named after Crump along with a stadium, station, building, steamer, and memorial.

Bill Morris Parkway

Bill Morris was sheriff and Mayor of Shelby County. He was in charge of law enforcement, when Martin Luther King got assassinated. James Earl Ray, the assassin was in custody of Bill Morris. A bison herd got introduced in the Shelby Farms because of Mayor Bill Morris. State Route 385 was called Nonconnah Parkway, which was named again as Bill Morris Parkway.

GE Peterson Avenue

Gilbert E. Patterson was the founder, Chief Apostle and presiding Bishop of COGIC, Inc. headquartered in Memphis. He was a grammy and soul music award winner as well as Podium Records president.

Austin Peay Highway

An accomplished short tenure governor of Tennessee died in his office. In his tenure state highways was expanded, state agencies were consolidated, and budget deficit transformed into surplus. He even contributed in forming of Smoky Mountain National Park.

Winchester Road

Only road named after Winchester family, who were responsible to give birth to Memphis. Three brothers James, Andre, and John purchased land from Chickasaw tribe in 1818. The land was named Memphis.

B.B. King Boulevard, Danny Thomas Boulevard, Issac Hayes Memorial Highway, McLemore Avenue, and Kate Bond Road are some other streets dedicated to prominent personalities that Memphis is proud of.

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