Get Top Fake Piss For Perfect Drug Test Results

It doesn’t matter if you’re a drug user or not, everyone hates that urinalysis inspection at work. The workplace is a totally inappropriate location for conducting this and if you have to do it somewhere else, it’s even more trouble having to change your daily routine.

If you’re not a drug user, you’ll probably worry about these things, but if you consumed something illegal in the past 30 days, you’re wondering how to pass the problematic urine test at work and keep your job.

The urinalysis is conducted by giving a sample of your urine, of course. This sample is processed by a machine and the results show if you’ve been doing something that your boss wouldn’t like. Even though drugs like heroin and cocaine affect the brain much more than marijuana, they can be found in the pee less often. Actually, occasional use of these can’t be traced after a week and probably even sooner.

It means that you don’t have to worry about that line of snow at a bachelor’s party three weeks ago. It is long gone from your system. That joint the next day, on the other hand, is definitely something to worry about. THC particles like to find a home in the human’s body fat and that gives them shelter for a longer period of time. It takes more for your organs to flush it.

As you can see, the problem is serious. You have to do something about it, and that something is called ordering the best fake urine the internet has to offer. Just by searching the network you’ll be able to find lots of brands and lots of companies selling, but how to know which one is a top of the line product?

What is a fake piss?

A fake piss or also known as synthetic urine is a substance liquid made specially to imitate real human by-product called – urine. The fake pee is made with the same ingredients as the imitation product. More than 95% of it is water, and the rest are different substances that make it as we all know it too well. Urea, proteins, hormones, all sorts of things, with just one difference that your normal sample – narcotic substances.

This product is being used in the diaper industry, as a fun product used for making jokes, but also as the first thing, a machine for urine test goes through. Calibrating these machines is made by the synthetic piss. This way the machine knows what a good quality by-product is.

How to know which one is a good one?

The best one must contain all the ingredients a standard pee has. It’s important to have them all in the right order. The ratio between the ingredients must be perfectly aligned so the machine has a clear idea of what it goes through. A good fake pee is made of 99,9% similarity and that’s the exact number that you can be sure you’ll pass the test.

If the piss is not perfect, if you get a false product, you don’t know what will happen. You might come out positive on the test, but what’s more important, the lab practitioner might see that you’re trying to do something that’s against the rules and will inform the employers about it. In the end, you’ll get fired.

Where can you find a top of the line product

You won’t find products like this in the market you visit every day. This is something that’s only legal because the label says it’s meant for something else and not for faking tests. So where can you actually find it?

Online, of course! Where else? The internet sells everything. From fake pee to nuclear reactors. If you have the money you have the chance to own everything you want. But, can you find a nuclear reactor on e-bay? Of course not. The place is not overwhelmed with synthetic pee products either. See an interesting article about this here.

However, there is a number of web pages offering reviews, selling these products, and explain what you need to do prior to the test. It’s not easy going through all this alone. You need support and advice about all the steps you need to go through.

For example, you’ll find places where it’s clearly explained what you must do right after opening the bottle with the fake pee. Details matter here and you can’t ignore them. Handing over the sample can mean keeping your job and caring on with your life like nothing happened, or failing and ruining everything you’ve been building for years. What’s worse, the problems will yet to come, because you won’t get a good recommendation and it will be so hard to find a decent job that will provide a fair income to keep you and your family on a good living level.


With everything written above, it’s clear that you must find the best possible sample there is. Never accept products with suspicious content. How to know this? First by reading the label of it. If there’s nothing written about what is it made of, don’t buy it. See more about urine here:

Second, see online reviews from previous customers. They are the best information you can get about any product. If they are satisfied you can be sure that you will be too. Every synthetic urine product is already reviewed and mentioned somewhere on the internet. With trillions of pages out there, you can be sure that there’s a little piece of information for everyone.

Make sure you buy the right product and then, make sure you read and follow the instruction manual. Aside from having a quality product in your hands, this is the second most important thing you must do. Without following the instructions, you can be sure that you’ll get caught and fail. Of course, unless you did this a lot of times before and you know how the procedure goes.

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