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3 Bathroom Vanity Cabinet Styles

The vanity is the centerpiece of any well-designed bathroom in terms of look and function. The style you choosecan make or break the room’s aesthetic. To help you out, here are some ideas you can try.


This classic design exudes a timeless appeal that fits most homes. To achieve this style, find vanity cabinets made ofrustic material like driftwood or hickory for an antique effect and apply varnish to enhance their natural color. Use dark countertop shades, bronze handles, and metallic faucets to highlight the wood.

Complement the look with a farmhouse aesthetic. Have white planks with subtle treerings for the walls and hang gray or black picture frames. For ceramic fixtures, choose the same color you used for the countertop.


A modern vanity with sleek lines, neutral colors, and a minimalistic approach is perfect for a nouveau aesthetic. This style may have been popularized in the late 60s, but it still gives off an avant-garde look.

Neutral palettes like pewter, white, gray, mauve, and blue are ideal colors for modern vanity cabinets. Contrast them with the shade of your countertop, anduse geometric sinks, fixtures, and handles. Lastly, stay minimalistic by wallmounting it, and avoid adding any type of molding.

If you’re opting for a modern theme, your goal is to minimize the design as much as possible. Use plain, geometric doors and windows. Paint your walls with shades on the neutral palette while sticking close to the one you’ve used for either the cabinet or countertop. Finally, use vertical bars to create a “shutter” effect for your bathroom dividers.


Contemporary yet rustic is the core of the industrial style. Its bold,earthy tones are visually appealing,yet they keep people level-headed and grounded.Most vanity cabinets with this style are constructed frameless to achieve a minimalist look. Dark earth tones like old orchid, clay gray, or moss green can be used for the cabinets, frames, handles, and fixtures. Lastly, contrast the overpowering body by having a light-colored natural stone countertop like marble, granite,or concrete.

For an industrial bathroom, use sealed concrete for the floor and walls to highlight the boldness of your centerpiece. White walls with hints of wood are a viable option most interior designers use for this aesthetic. You can also use mahogany or timber of a similar shade for your adornments like picture frames.

Traditional, industrial, and modern vanity cabinets are just a few ideas that you can use for your bathroom. To get more inspiration, read home design magazines featuring rooms that show your desired style.

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