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Different Kinds of Chandelier That You Can Use in Your Home

You can add a chandelier in your home to really create beauty in your interior design. Nowadays, you can find chandeliers of many different styles, therefore it is important to get familiar with each kind.

In this article, we shall take up different kinds of chandeliers that you can prefer for your home and also use as kitchen chandelier.

  • Candle Chandeliers

This one is known as the granddaddy of all, and it takes decoration back to the roots. Such kind of chandeliers have often at least 5 extensions, and each having at the end its candle-like light. Ideally suited for rustic style.

  • Antler Chandeliers

People who are particularly fond of outdoors, antler chandeliers will offer very rustic touch which can easily turn your home totally into a daydream of a nature lover. Fortunately, antlers are not real, so you may get this feel by not hurting any wildlife.

  • Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers have been named after materials from what they were made. Crystal chandelier is of many forms. All these are types of chandeliers for buying if you are going for look of pure elegance.

  • Glass Chandeliers

This is another chandelier type which has been named because of its material, these glass chandeliers are mostly favored for their diversity. You will find them in a wide range of design hence you will have no problem to find one to fit in your style.

  • Modern Chandeliers

If you are going for the avant-garde look, then modern style chandeliers will give off more futuristic vibe. You will find a style of geometric shapes and crisp edges, perfectly complimented with the digital age world.

  • Drum Chandeliers     

This shaded chandelier was named ao due to their peculiar shape. Although it will not necessarily apply to each and every piece of this category, number of them have single and round shade over every light which somewhat resembles like a drum.

  • Transitional Chandeliers

This is a mixture of new-school, old-school and transitional chandeliers all combined of the futuristic crispness of modern chandelier having all the rustic type of elegance of any old model.

  • Bowl Chandeliers

The bowl chandelier resembles a bowl and this shape allow for providing an interesting lighting effect, together with much of light being directed towards the ceiling, or few leaking out from various holes in its design.

  • Beaded Chandeliers

With these clever chandelier models, you can get a more exotic look for your home. These chandeliers are awesome, as they are almost made entirely with beads.

  • Caged Chandeliers

These caged chandeliers are having intricate designs where the light itself will be in the center of the ornate cage. Few of these designs will favor more of literal approach to concept of ‘cage,’ and others take abstract approach.

  • Tiered Chandeliers

In case if you are going for really an ornate design, then you must probably look into any tiered chandeliers.

Such tiered chandeliers are available in whole ranges of styles, although finally, it will all boil down to just one thing i.e. extra arms and multiple layers.

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