Keeping Pets at Boarding Facility While You’re Away from Home is the Best Option

Pets are the best companion at home because they just know how to care and love their loved ones. However, you can’t keep this family member alone at home, especially when you know that animals are dependent on you in every manner.

Those who have a traveling job, often face this problem with their pets, so they hire a person who can take them for a walk or feed them on time. If you get a chance of keeping your pet at boarding facility near your hose where they will be looked after with proper care, then nothing is better than that.

Not only people who travel for business, but also families who go on long vacations can face problems of looking after their pets. In such case, either you can look for boarding facility in your locality or book a hotel that provides pet facilities as well. For example, Phoenix Arizona is considered one of the famous tourist destinations. Around 16 million tourists visit this place every year.

Not to mention, that due to its natural climate and environment, tourists are more compared to business delegates. However, Phoenix has many places to explore, and many travelers plan a long vacation to this awesome destination. In such case, keeping pets behind can be expensive because of long stays at pet care. Thus, you can always search online for pet hotel & boarding Phoenix that will keep your family and pets together. Even when your kids miss their pet, they can always visit them during vacation. This is the best way of keeping the family together.

When you’re traveling for business requirements, you can carry your pet along. The best way will be to keep them at boarding. Don’t just rely on any boarding, but remember to do your own research. Here are few tips to assist you to search a good boarding facility for pets –

  • Contact all pet owners in your area, office, home, family, and friends. They will give you the list all of boarding that is good and reliable. Narrow down your list to those that are near your house.
  • Visit all of them personally so that you know the way pets are kept and most importantly, hygiene that is maintained. Also, the space provided to every pet and distance maintained between each animal because some pets can be violent and yours may be a bit shy.
  • While exploring personally, you will come across staff as well which will tell you if they are friendly or not.
  •  Check their daily routine and hours of working. Keep a list of all the activities and items that they will provide. If certain things are missing, then you can buy it personally and don’t forget your pet’s toy that makes it comfortable.
  • Educate the office staff about the health and medicine that your pet takes. Also, inform them about his behavior and allergic products to keep them safe.

During holiday season, it is better to book early to avoid any last-minute confusion. Keep phone number handy for the staff that is responsible for your pet. Also, provide them with emergency number, in case they aren’t able to contact you.

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