Remember Few Do’s & Don’ts While Having Sex With Transsexual

Being a cis person, if you show any interest in having a sexual encounter with any transsexual person, then you must remember a few basic do’s and also don’ts while communicating with them.

Following a few tips can be very helpful during your meeting with a trans escort.

  1. Do use proper pronoun while addressing them

Since all trans women can neither be called male and nor female, however, they all have their own preference to identify them through the majority of them prefer to have a female identity.

However, before using the pronoun, ask them which pronoun would they like.

  1. Don’t ask if they have undergone surgery

You should avoid asking whether they have got their testicles or they have undergone surgery before you get naked. After all, when both of you are naked in front of each other, you will see that yourself and learn about it.

  1. Do ask how they call their various body parts

As a cis, you must be calling the body parts of yours and your opposite sex however these transgender may feel offended if the same terms are used for their body parts too.

Therefore, you must ask what terms they will prefer for their body parts.

  1. Don’t stare at their body with an awe

They will surely feel embarrassed if you start looking at their body as if you are conducting a science experiment. When both of you are naked then appreciate them and their beauty, so that you may have a fulfilling sexual experience.

  1. Do ask if there any body part that you should not touch

Transsexual women often do not like certain body parts of theirs should be touched by anybody. It may not be related to the same part always, as everyone has their own comfort and discomfort zone.

So, you must always ask that before getting close to them.

  1. Don’t declare yourself as trans ally

Don’t try to declare yourself as their ally, because there are plenty of issues with these transgender people, which may vary from person to person and time to time.

You may not be aware of all of them and by declaring yourself as an ally, you will put yourself in certain unknown territory.

  1. Do know a difference between real attraction and fetishizing

If you are fetishizing any of these escorts then you are trying to make them as a sex object, which may be too dehumanizing, particularly if you are going to get involved in any sexual activity with them.

  1. Don’t say you are almost like a woman

You may certainly appreciate their beauty and their sense of dressing and make-up etc. however avoid such comment that should make a comparison with an actual woman. This kind of statement can always put them off.

  1. Do know the right way to touch their body

Ask them if necessary, how will they like them to be touched, as they too have certain liking and disliking and you have to respect that, while you are engaged in intimate sex with them.

  1. Don’t assume all trans women have the same liking

Don’t think all these transgender women have similar liking and disliking, as they all are individual and can have different preferences.

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