The Kind of Tragus Jewellery You Would Love to Wear

Buying tragus jewellery is the right thing to do, if you have decided to go for tragus piercing. You can choose from multiple options available in jewellers’ shop near you as well as from reliable online jewel shops. Before you embark on buying, it will be useful to know the kind of tragus jewellery available and its plus features.

Usually, tragus jewellery is differentiated in categories for easy buying purposes. They are –

  • Barbell types.
  • Ring types.
  • Stud and spiral types.

Now, we will know about the kinds of tragus jewellery plus points:

  • Ring types.
    • They are available with and without balls or you can say beads. This jewellery kind is the most common traditional one as it looks absolutely pretty and marketed in various size and colour of beads fixed in the metal ring. It matches well with your ear rings worn on ear lobes. It enhances the look of traditional dresses, thus make sure to wear this kind of tragus jewels when you wear a flowing dress.
    • It is highly preferred as you can change the balls or beads whenever you feel like. It is designed of straight metal bar, curved metal bars and horseshoe shaped bars having beads at the ends. This kind of tragus jewellery looks trendy and available in varied colour beads.
  • Tragus stud.
    • This kind is usually worn by people quite active in life as it holds firmly to the skin by its screw at the back. The front portion usually patterned with bolls or with single gem embedded in the metal. For daily usage this type is the best. Another form is the labret stud having flat bottom to be fixed at the back of tragus. The front end can be of any shape or even a stone in prongs. The flat bottom is safe for daily use and fixes well, thus no chance of the stud getting loose.
    • No doubt hearing the style name itself you will think it is uncommon than other styles of tragus jewellery. It is spiral or zigzag shaped metal going right through the piercing. The type is highly fashionable, available in different colours and patterns. It is suitable to be worn with fashionable dress of any style.
    • They are simply tiny implants as the hole is quite small than normal tragus pierced hole. The kind of jewel is level with the skin, hence can’t be seen clearly. It is absolutely favoured by youngsters of both genders as it seems to be part of skin and gives a modest look. The kind of jewel has curved bat in ‘L’ shape at the bottom. The ‘L’ shape easily slips under the skin thus easy to be worn. Some fashionable ones have bead, gem stones embedded in geometrical pattern.

To look appealingly dressed you can have varied kinds of Tragus that can be worn to suit any dress and occasion.  You can get any kind of present trendy and classic looking tragus piercing jewellery from reliable online sources like the Pierceoff shop. There easy to return option really helps you to return back, if you feel it isn’t the right choice for you. Happily shop for your jewellery to boost your facial look!

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