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Avoid These Mistakes While Installing Tiles of Your Home

People have been using tiles as flooring material from past few years, and today it is considered to be the best flooring option. Tiles are preferred because of its:

  • Affordable cost
  • Durability
  • Creative combinations
  • Wear and tear resistant

However, while installing tiles at your home or in your office, you need special skills and knowledge. Also, you must use good quality adhesive materials to make the installation successful.

While you are hiring any tiling services Sydney, it is important to avoid following few mistakes, so that you can get better finish of the tiles after installation.

      1. Choosing the wrong adhesive

During the laying procedure for tiles on the floors, which is around the bathtub or shower in your bathroom, it is very important to use waterproof adhesive.

Often it has been found that even when the tiles are laid down properly, water leaks through the adhesive, which can be quite damaging.

In case, the adhesive that you have used is not waterproof, it may crumble and also decay causing your tiles to crack or break. You must always keep in mind water can always get into the adhesive material in the condensation form.

      2. Purchasing less tiles

It is always essential that while buying tiles, you must buy few tiles than what you exactly need. As a ballpark figure, it will be the best to buy at least 20 percent more tiles than what you actually need.

This will be extremely beneficial to you if either there is miscalculation, breakage, or cutting difficulty. Even if it is not utilized during the process of installation, you may keep them for your future use.

If ever, any crack develops in the tiles then you can replace with exact tiles. Also, there are few retailers who will be ready to refund your money if you return the unused tiles back.

      3. Skipping all the steps of preparation

Before you install the tiles, necessary preparation is very important. You need to clean all the surfaces of the tile before you lay out them. In case you don’t do the cleaning then you may not be in a position to do the laying of the tiles in even manner.

Ensure that you have completely removed all the wall papers while placing the tiles on any wall. Try to use light sand paper and rub over the surface.

However, if you are laying these tiles on any existing tiles then you can skip this operation. In such type of situation, you must clean the tiles properly and thereafter dry them up. Also, you have to scour up them lightly so that you can get better grip.

      4. Forgetting about battens

You must make use of 2 battens, one for horizontal position another for vertical position, to ensure that all the tiles are laid in straight lines. Battens are also used for proper measuring and spacing.

All these markings can help you to realise if you make any mistake while laying the tiles.

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