Handpicked List of Staircase Chandeliers That Are Guaranteed to Create A Dazzling Effect

Lighting is what defines the ambience of the room and elevates the style quotient. Its type and placement are what makes the room more functional. Purchasing lighting for a new home is tricky even for interior décor enthusiasts because of the dizzying number of options available. Chandleries add a touch of elegance and exuberance which makes it a popular choice.

Why installs a chandelier?

·         Aesthetic appeal: Its beauty remains unmatched when compared to any other lighting fixture. Even lamp shades that are the second favorite looks bland when switched off while chandeliers would always get people gazing at it.

·         Saves floor space: Chandeliers are hung from the ceiling and are provide ample lighting eliminating the need for other floor lights which disrupts the flow of the room.

·         Versatility: They aren’t anymore considered as too fancy or traditional. They have evolved a lot and are made from a large selection of materials making them ideal for all styles of home.

·         Saves your wall: The other wall lighting involved drilling the wall. You’ll have to cover those walls every time you remodel your home and drilling weakens the walls. Chandeliers eliminate this problem:

Top chandelier picks:

Spiral raindrop chandelier with raindrop crystals:  Similar in structure to a spiral staircase, it doesn’t have separate tiers like traditional chandeliers. It has a row of lights spiraling downwards. Visit Sofary for a vast selection of spiral chandeliers. They are one of the top chandelier manufacturers and feature only the highest quality of crystals at reasonable price.

Waterfall beaded curtain design crystal chandelier: If you are looking for an over-the-top and exaggerated chandelier for your stairway, this bewitching waterfall is perfect. The most dramatic ones require a ceiling height of minimum 20 feet. Though it appears too fancy, the resulting light is soft and not dazzling. 

French empire crystal chandelier: Embedded with numerous crystals, it has a classic look. They are made of brass, porcelain, glass or iron and look like a bouquet spreading out downwards. It utilizes minimum 6 light bulbs or higher and has a distinct look.

Square long crystal raindrop chandelier: This distinct design comes with a square base and looks formal and grand. There are 3 layers to it with each layer at the bottom tapering more. It is going to take a while to install it but is purely worth the hype and ideal for hallways, dining room and living room.

Double spiral crystal clear chandelier: It’s another spiral design which comes with additional spheres. There are n numbers of giant spherical balls in it which elevate the grandeur. These enormous chandeliers can light up multiple levels at the same time and have a timeless appeal to it.

Before choosing a chandelier for entryway and staircase measure the ceiling height and make sure you reserve at least 8 feet clearance between the chandelier and the floor. You should allow at least 3 feet clearance between chandelier and stair handrail. Proper placement is important as it can break the look.

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