Month: April 2020

How to Take Precaution to Overcome COVID-19 Infection?

COVID-19 is the latest 2020 pandemic creating havoc across the world. Even countries with strong healthcare are unable to handle their spread. Coronavirus is a new thing, which still needs to be researched. Early research has revealed that COVID-19 virus gets primarily transmitted among people via contact route and respiratory droplets. Airborne transmissions of COVID-19

Few informative Lines on Goodness of Ketamine

In simple words, Ketamine is a drug usually used in surgery health care unit to put patients to sleep helping them not to feel the discomfort while the treatment is on. Yes, you guessed it right that is an anesthetic medicine. It is known by varied names like Ketaset, Ketanest and Ketalar. It is an

Interesting Information On How CBD Is Effective Help For OCD

Today’s topic of conversation is very interesting by itself. The obsessive compulsive disorder, commonly referred to as OCD by its acronym, is a condition of the mind where people get obsessed with something at a totally different level which is far beyond the normal levels. Recently, it is discovered that CBD, the wonder drug with