Comparison Between CBD Vaping and Nicotine Vaping

Vaping of CBD hemp extract has become quite popular, but how it differs from vaping any nicotine product? Are both of them the same? What can be the benefits or respective dangers and can you mix both of them?

Let us touch upon few aspects of this topic in this small write up.

Brief history of vaping tobacco vs hemp

We all know that CBD is extracted from hemp while nicotine from tobacco. Therefore, while talking about CBD vaping vs nicotine, it will be same as saying like vaping hemp extract vs any tobacco extract.

People have been using both hemp and tobacco for millennia, and also both these plants are most controversial crops that are cultivated.

However, now they are on different paths, so far as people’s opinion is concerned. People are now showing lots of interest on hemp and approval for tobacco continues to slide down.

However, you cannot count tobacco totally out. Still it is valuable due to nicotine that goes with e-liquid. “Vaping” nicotine was first considered before vaping any CBD. 

In the meanwhile, head shop tienda de CBD y vape (English Meaning is CBD and vape shop) has already started expanding.

Differing effects of CBD vaping and nicotine vaping

If you are talking about various effects of CBD vaping vs nicotine vaping then following are few things that you need to keep in your mind.

  • Vaping nicotine can raise adrenaline levels
  • Vaping CBD can lower adrenaline
  • With vaping nicotine BP, heart rate as well as respiration may increase
  • Vaping CBD can always bring overall calming effect
  • By vaping nicotine, you can improve your short-term attention and focus
  • Nicotine will prompt release of dopamine and endorphins 
  • CBD has shown positive effect on our serotonin levels
  • Nicotine can be highly addictive
  • CBD vaping is not addictive rather may reduce addiction
  • CBD is generally considered safer for long term
  • Nicotine’s long-term health effects are uncertain

Vaping CBD for reducing nicotine

With the invention of new vaping technology, it is now possible to deliver much higher nicotine concentrations in the bloodstream.

This can be a problem particularly with teenagers. Also, the same technology is able to deliver more beneficial substance like CBD/hemp extract, which could help in knocking out that nicotine off your back.

Use CBD Vape for decreasing nicotine

Following are two ways of decreasing nicotine with CBD vape

      1. CBD switcheroo

You can puff one CBD for every 3 puffs of nicotine. After few days, increase that ratio. If it works, then you may continue till you quit.

      2. CBD infusion method

You may buy CBD additive either flavored or unflavored and then mix it in. you can start adding 25% and then slowly increase it after few days. 

Following are few points that you must keep in mind for reducing nicotine levels if you like to try CBD vaping:

  • Alternately try puffs between nicotine and CBD
  • Mix CBD additive in the vape juice
  • Prefer to use high-concentrated CBD e-liquid
  • Prefer to buy full-spectrum CBD or hemp extract
  • Pod systems will work best
  • Begin with low and then slowly replace your nicotine with CBD
  • Simultaneously reduce nicotine strength 
  • Set your goal and follow diligently towards it.

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