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How to Get Healthy-looking Lips – Know the Natural Remedies and More

Everyone likes to have soft, pink and full lips. This not only indicates that lips are hydrated as well as healthy, but also give a great appearance too. Even though, chapped, dry lips causes bleeding in few cases, but you can make them smooth and soft by using products made with natural compounds like CBD.

There are different types of treatments and expensive products to lighten your dark lips, but natural remedies are the most effective way that helps to achieve your desired results.

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Here are few natural remedies that help you in getting healthy-looking lips by taking little care at home.

Why lips become dark?

There are various factors that affect lips natural color such as stress, smoking, drugs, low-level of blood circulation and more. The following are few factors for getting dark lips like:

  • Hyper-pigmentation or Melasma
  • Anaemia
  • Dehydration
  • Excess taking of hot beverages and caffeine
  • Using lip cosmetic products consistently
  • Improper lifestyle habits

Home remedies to get healthy lips

Exfoliate lips – Before going to bed, apply top-quality lip balm. Remove the dry or dead skin with a toothbrush or cloth in the morning. With this, you can also boost the blood circulation.

Lip scrub – You can lock the moisture within the lips by using sugar and honey scrub. Sugar is well-known for its effectiveness in exfoliation. Besides, honey attracts moisture and keep lips healthy and hydrated. Also, honey contains enzymes, which lightens the lip’s skin tone. These scrubs work gently on skin and exfoliate dead skin.

You can even make scrub with brown sugar or white sugar. These scrubs are powerful oxidants that protect the skin against sun exposure and from toxins.

  • How to use: Mix 1 tablespoon honey and sugar, massage gently over lips, leave for few minutes and wash with water.

Stay hydrated – Taking enough water is the common way to lock moisture in your lips. Drink at least 8 glasses water daily to get plump lips and other benefits.

Almond oil and lemon – Lemon is the natural bleaching agent, skin toner and safe for almost all skin types. Lemon helps to lighten lips naturally and prevent sun damage. Almond oil is a great moisturizer that keeps lips hydrated and gives a good complexion.

  • How to use: Mix 1 tablespoon almond oil to half lemon juice, massage on lips and leave overnight for effective results.

In addition to the above, you can also try beetroot juice, vitamin E, fresh mint juice, sugar and lemon, and other natural methods. Cosmetic lip balms contain chemicals, which harm lips overtime, so try using lip balms made with natural ingredients.

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