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Myths and Facts about Drain Clogging

Drain blockage isn’t a new issue, but it is the one of the most dreadful problems faced by some home owners. It can even cause nightmare if remain unchecked, thus it is best to know the real facts about the drain clogging problems.

The initial matter to understand is that the issues can be realised in various forms and anywhere where the plumbing fixtures are installed. Thus, the best way is to maintain your drainage system in the right order.

Here are certain ways to maintain them:

  • Don’t let any debris go through the pipes.
    • Often at home the food wastage goes through the sink pipe where the utensils are washed. In due time the oil and grease clogs over the wastage remaining in the pipe and slowly water flow stops.
    • Even while taking bath in the bathroom hair flows with the water reaching the drainage pipes. This leads to blockage of water flow.
    • Don’t throw wastage like tissue papers in your toilets to be flushed out. Sometimes, unfortunately the whole waste becomes the element to clog drains.

This can be totally avoided by collecting the waste before it washes out with the running water.

  • Clean regularly

You can do this by using brush and liquid detergents specifically meant for drain pipe cleaning. Any waste material can be removed like hair thus letting the water flow smoothly through the pipes.

It surely works to promote good maintenance of pipes.

  • You can use chemicals to clean the pipe of the water fixtures.

There are chemicals available that helps to clean the drains yourself.  You can use bleaching powder, sodium hydroxide or even potassium hydroxide to clean the drains.

However, you need to make sure that you don’t use them often as it may be corrosive affecting the quality of pipes.

  • Plunger method will help stubborn drains work efficiently.
    • While sometimes the water remains stagnant even after you try every method of opening the blockage. You can try to tie a hard cloth around a rod to be plunged in the hole of the clogged pipe. This will surely help to create the vacuum needed for the water to pass through as sometimes the air remains blocked inside the pipe. The air gets blocked because of the debris clogging at the other end of the pipe. While the water flows forcibly the debris gets cleaned.
    • Once in a while make sure to flow a bucket full of water through the toilet and other drains to remove the dirt and dust that sweeps in the pipes.
    • There are even drain rods available to clean the whole pipes inserting them inside fully.

Surely you can clean your drain pipes utilising these methods to wade away any major drainage mishaps.

You can anytime call plumbing experts to maintain your drainage system in good order. If you are in Australia, you can avail blocked drains Sydney experts to do the required service efficiently. No need to search further once you contact WALCO plumbing services ready to provide people living in Sydney and nearby anytime. Their reliable service is the best idea to keep your premises drainage system more than prefect.

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