Effective Ways to Increase the Chances to Get Your Music On Beatport

Beatport has been around for more than 15 years and is dedicated to DJs and electronic music. You can sell music online using this platform. Resources used to create remixes are also sold on Beatport. So, how can independent musicians get their releases on this platform?

An online distributor like MusicDigi can help your music gain access to Beatport Store or you can upload though Beatport Mixes. Currently, the platform states that they work with labels only for direct signing. They consider labels with –

  • Six months of release schedules and promotional initiatives.
  • The artist has established a presence on social channels.
  • Collection of relevant remixes or artists.
  • DJ testimonials for their past promotions and releases.

An upcoming artist will not have a label, but work with a reliable distributor like MusicDigi to get their composition on online streaming services and music stores. However, there is cut-throat competition, but with some good music and consistency, you can succeed to get featured on Beatport.

Effective ways to enhance your likelihood of getting your music on Beatport

Plan in advance

All the banners visible on the platform are planned for several weeks. Therefore, deliver your music at least one month ahead. Beatport even wants to know your music promotion plans, so the chances of selling it increase. Fill the Featured Release Form with following details –

  • Fans you have
  • Fans the label has
  • DJ support
  • Promotional strategy
  • Expected sales
  • Charts

Be professional

While communicating, remain professional, and ensure that your promotional strategy is solid. In today’s music arena branding is essential. People have to recognize you, your work, and the impression you leave behind. It means be impressive and memorable. Listeners view you as a brand and not just listen to your music. Therefore, the cover art has to be impressive. It is the first thing people see before listening to music.

Beatport also considers this factor, even other music bloggers. It will help you gain more fans. Beatport will also assess that your branding effort is strong. You spent time in getting cool artwork created. Today, the artwork is as crucial as music. Therefore, take help from a professional graphic designer for cover art designing to help you sell your music on Beatport.

Solid sound quality

There is a lot of music being pushed, so ensure to create a good record. Dedicate time and hone your sound. The final product has to make you feel proud. It will also help in your music promotion because you are confident it is the best track.

Beatport features music that sounds commercially strong, so use tools to enhance your production. You can send your tracks to other DJs and request their reviews and feedback.

Promoting on social network

Ensure that you are ahead in your social media activity and PR. Beatport does their research to find out your grasp on the social channels. You will need to prove that you have followers and your album sells.

Beatport supports artists with branded and strong social media presence. Besides, you can reach out to relevant blogs, do charts, get support from your friends, and think unique ways of promoting your new release.

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