Reserve Bottle Service to Feel Like A Celebrity and Get Access to VIP Service

You may have come across the terms, ‘table service’ and ‘bottle service’ in restaurant and night club scenes. By Table Service, it means a server aids in our dining experience. The server is in charge of taking our order, pass the order to the kitchen and serve us food after it is prepared. Basically, it doesn’t involve us ordering at counter service and customers collecting their food. Table service requires more restaurant labor.

Knowing about Bottle service:

Bottle service is available at high-end, elite and VIP areas of lounges and nightclubs. These spots ought to be reserved in advance. Those who have paid for bottle service skip the long queues that the other public has to wait in to enter the club. You are entitled to exclusive service too.

In addition to getting a spot in a posh location, one can choose from and a vast selection of mixers and spirits and will be accompanied by a ‘bottle person’ to make shots and pour drinks. There are venues like offering bottle service for birthday parties. If you are thinking of treating your friends with a proper cabaret experience and looking for Miami Bottle service, look no further than Goldrush Cabaret.

Is it worth paying for Bottle service?

This exclusive treatment doesn’t come at an easy price. You’ll have to an exorbitant sum for 1 bottle of liquor. A ‘minimum spend’ amount is fixed and many clubs would require you to buy 1 bottle for every 3 guests. The price is anywhere between 100$ to few thousands of dollars depending on the venue and other factors which include:

  • Day and time of visit: If you are reserving bottle service for a weekend the charges would obviously be higher than other days. You will be charged more if your table is closer to the main event space.
  • Markups: The alcohols are priced considerably higher. The sole purpose of bottle service isn’t to sell liquors at a steep price. It is about creating a secluded environment for those reserving bottle service and let them flaunt themselves.
  • Ongoing Event: The prices go up depending on how popular the DJ is and if any celebrity is making an appearance on that particular day.

VIP service, a private area with friends, liquor and a comfortable place to sit than finding yourself the entire time in the middle of a packed dance floor, No waiting line = Best Nightlife Experience! So, it is worth shelling out bucks for Bottle service. In many cases, the ‘minimum spend’ value is comparatively fairly priced to standard clubbing. The cost comes close to entering a bar with general admission rates and buying drinks. It comes useful when you go as a group of people and each of you split the cost.

In spite of its VIP exclusivity, the process of reserving bottle service is pretty straightforward. The venues offering bottle service usually post the outlined price and contact information on their website. Advance booking is recommended.

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