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4 Ways Your Air Conditioner Can Break Down

Air conditioning is a necessary utility, especially in the warmer parts of the world. The last thing anyone wants is for their A/C unit to break down in the middle of a summer heat wave. A well-maintained air conditioning unit should last about 15 years, but if it is poorly cared for, chances are that the unit will breakdown in half that time. This article lists 5 ways that your A/C unit can break down. Take preventative steps before you have to call for air conditioner repair in Conroe, TX.

 Constant Running

A big problem that many people face with their air conditioners is letting it run constantly. Think of the unit like it is a person. If you had to work all day and night with no break for days on end, you would drop from exhaustion. A/C units are no different.

There are a few things that you can do to help your air conditioner out. Close your blinds or curtains to keep the sun from warming your home rapidly. Have a small range of temperatures rather than changing temperatures drastically throughout the day. Let it be a bit warmer in the house. Trying to make your house feel like winter in the middle of summer isn’t going to do anything nice to your air conditioning unit.

 Energy Efficiency

There are many factors that go into an energy efficient A/C. If your unit is too small for the amount of space you are cooling, then your energy bill will be significantly higher than it should be and you’ll run into the problem of having your unit run constantly. Not only will it be running constantly, but it will almost never bring your house to the temperature you desire. You will run into the same problem if your home is poorly insulated, or if you leave a door or window open while the unit is running.

 Filters and Servicing

Just like furnaces, air conditioning units need to have their filters replaced and regular servicing. A dirty filter will restrict air flow in the unit, causing the motor to require work harder and decreasing the lifespan of the unit. Filters should be changed once per quarter and you should have your A/C unit serviced by a professional once a year to keep your unit running smoothly and efficiently and avoid any negative break downs.

 Ice Build-Up

All of the previously mentioned issues can also cause ice build-up on the unit. Ice can cause a lot of damage to your A/C unit. If left alone, the ice can cause the motor to blow. This leaves you with a costly repair or even replacement depending on the damage done to the machine.

If you notice any ice building up, simply stop running your air conditioner and call a technician. They can help you diagnose what happened to the unit and inform you of ways to prevent the same problem in the future.

If you have any problems with your unit, don’t be afraid to call a local service company. Air conditioner repair in Conroe, TX, is something everyone is going to need, but you can prevent needing it sooner than necessary.

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